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Are you covered on all sides against cyber attacks?

Learn the five components of a reliable industrial cybersecurity approach

Your business is the perfect target.

Cybercriminals want to wreak havoc on businesses and society. The bigger the impact, the bigger the payday. What’s more, geopolitical tensions are increasing risk.

Critical Infrastructure organizations are particularly vulnerable to attack — and not all cybersecurity solutions offer enough protection.

Industrial security risks are rising

Critical Infrastructure requires industrial strength cybersecurity solutions.

Are you at risk?

Rockwell Automation has you covered

Our industrial cybersecurity framework gives you 360-degree protection against threats.

1. Identify risks and vulnerabilities

Rockwell Automation’s capabilities to Identify

Asset inventory

Vulnerability assessment

Network security assessment

Risk assessment

Penetration testing

2. Protect Critical Infrastructure

Rockwell Automation’s capabilities to Protect

Network segmentation


Secure remote access

Data security

Patch management

Data backup and recovery plans

3. Detect threats before they cause downtime and damage

Rockwell Automation’s capabilities to Detect

Threat detection implementation

24/7 managed threat detection services (SOC-as-a-Service)

Alerts and advisories

4. Respond to incidents faster and reduce the impact on operations

Rockwell Automation’s capabilities to Respond

Incident response, containment, and mitigation

Coordinated communications plan and execution

5. Recover and restore capabilities impacted by attacks

Rockwell Automation’s capabilities to Recover

Recovery support

Investigation and analysis

Improvement planning

Make sure your industrial operations are protected and resilient. Increase your cybersecurity preparedness levels now with support from Rockwell Automation. Start by taking our Cybersecurity Preparedness Assessment, or contact Rockwell Automation to speak with an industrial cybersecurity expert now.